Mr. Mittens

New Brand | Coming Soon!

Without any formal training but an avid knitter from an early age, Stéphanie Caulier embarked upon the challenge of designing a limited series of unique hand-knitted garments and accessories in 100% wool. In only a few seasons' time, Mr Mittens grow from a passion project into an internationally esteemed knitwear label. 

Mr Mittens stands for high-quality, sustainable knitwear in 100% wool or 100% Pima cotton. Every piece is knitted by hand using time-honored knitting techniques. Every garment label is inscribed with the phrase ‘Heartworking knitwear’, a testament to the women in the ateliers who work in tandem to bring to life Caulier’s vision of how knitwear should be: perennially contemporary, deceptively simple, timelessly elegant and last of all, of the highest quality.