Maygel Coronel

The line represents the basic beginning of a project; inspiration based on how we build our paths by drawing imaginary lines and then turning them into real ones. Since 2017, they have created a universe in constant exploration, in a search that honors women through pieces that blend into their skin along with focused details that capture the attention, transforming any classics into sublime pieces.

From the fabric to the feeling, their final product is imprinted with the dedication of an entire team. Through each process, they want their brand to transit between quality and trust, traits that fill women with security. They allow themselves to create a balance between beautiful details and functional practicality that prioritizes comfort and preserves femininity

Born in Cartagena. A designer with a great sense of belonging to the city and a Caribbean essence that surrounds and inspires her. Maygel, is the port where the ideas set sail and then materialize in their march. Artistically, Maygel merges each of her pieces with her desire to harmonize the various forms and frames of the female bodies. 

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