Laurence Bras

The designer Laurence Bras has always transmitted emotions and values to us.The silhouettes are desirable, always with an uncomplicated look. We like the comfort of "pyjama" pants, a flowing, oversized men's shirt to slip into a high waist pant. Embroidered beach dresses, lingerie style.
A sensitive approach that she develops through collections tailored to our daily lives as active, cool and demanding women.
Laurence Bras' idea? To offer an ideal wardrobe for the Woman. Twisted with elegance and simplicity, that sticks to the skin, that accompanies us every day, like the sweet scent of a perfume.
The collection is partly made in India, the designer's heart country. We find dresses made of lace or decorated with embroidery, light shirts with subtle prints, hand woven in cracked poplin.

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