Las Noches Ibiza

One of Spain’s most recognized fashion brands with its signature hippy glam style, Las Noches Ibiza is the highly-coveted creation of Eric and Jack. More than just a style, Las Noches Ibiza is an attitude – it’s for women with sparkling personalities, who want to be noticed and who catch your eye in the street!

The Las Noches Ibiza story began 10 years ago, when Jack and Eric bid adieu to high flying careers in Paris and said hola to Ibiza, where they opened their first boutique – selling customised military jackets, hippy skirts and the now-iconic Maharaja beach bags. The collection’s instant success inspired the duo to embrace the vibrant, colourful and feminine spirit they are renowned for today and Las Noches Ibiza became Ibiza’s go-to-brand for high-end beachwear, embellished hippy chic dresses and gorgeous accessories.

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