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KALITA is a luxury fashion brand inspired by the versatility of the glamorous light-packing 60’s icons. Sourcing inspiration, Kalita went to Greece carrying a suitcase filled with well-planned, structured outfits, only to see a woman with a t-shirt tied around her head as a turban and a wild flowing dress. That spirited woman became the soul of KALITA; effortlessly glamorous and always unexpected.

 From beachwear, KALITA has seamlessly navigated into the evening and occasion space, with well-constructed key pieces that translate from the city streets to beach life. The core of KALITA is a reflection of free spirit encompassing all individuality. Each effortlessly versatile and flowing piece has been carefully crafted to be worn in a number of ways. The beating heart of the brand is a love of individuality, a celebration of freedom, and a commitment to our beautiful planet.