French imagination.
Italian craftsmanship.
German tradition.
Closed is a family business. That’s not just a fact, it’s their philosophy. Closed only works with people they trust and like. As a company, Closed draws heavily on their European heritage – French imagination, Italian craftsmanship, and German tradition. Their roots keep them grounded. Their experience is the basis for their constant innovations.
Closed's idea was simple and smart: to launch Italy’s first denim label. C’est ça. 'ÇA' for short. A fitting name for a brand that was to be a standard-bearer for effortless sportswear and radical design. French fashion designers Marithé and François Girbaud established ÇA – now Closed – with absolute confidence, way back in 1968. Trouble wasn’t far away. A large textile chain was not particularly happy with their choice of name. An objection was filed under case number 11342. ÇA had to be renamed. Why not just use this number as the brand name? So they did.

Two years later, in 1978, the case was CLOSED. And the name stayed. Since the beginning, Closed has remained a company with strong ties to its heritage. Striving for innovation decade after decade. Always setting new standards. They have been producing jeans since 1978 and understand the importance of every single detail. The signature details of Closed's heritage styles keep on inspiring their design teams. They will always play a role in our collections. Just as Closed's experience of designing and producing fashion has for more than 40 years.