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Nupur Goenka is the Founder and Creative Director of AISH. She graduated from Tisch School of the Arts (NYU). She launched AISH in 2011, drawing inspiration from her love of textiles. Born and raised in India, Nupur’s early years were spent in community style living in a large Indian family. This encouraged inclusive play, being creative with fewer resources and a quiet sense of content, independent of individual identity. Nupur has carried these intuitive lessons all through her life, travels and business: Feeling like a local, being at ease about being different..
At AISH they work with the textile craft communities of India. Where entire families work on the same 10 meters of fabric. Where no single person is struggling to take credit for the work. Where the craft is bigger than the craftsman, and the end product is venerated as a piece of art, not just as a piece of cloth. This philosophy has guided them in how they design, produce and present their wares. Various skills of dyeing, weaving and embroidery come together harmoniously to create fine and luxurious handmade products.
 AISH textiles have found their place across the globe in various cultures and activities, from Bombay to New York, Colombo to California and all the way to Tokyo.


AMO, simply translated, is the Latin root word for love and it is fittingly applied to how the label’s founders and fashion industry veterans, Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars, feel about denim. The label was born with a fearless spirit and determined objective: to create the perfect pair of jeans designed by women who get it. AMO set forth to bring back the true intention of denim, to offer jeans that felt real, that got better with every wear, yet were so comfortable you never wanted to take them off. The result is a refreshing collection of new denim favorites that are timeless, yet decidedly modern.

The collection is lovingly made in Los Angeles, with an uncompromising approach to craftsmanship.

Antik Batik

ANTIK BATIK is a French designer brand founded in 1992 by Gabriella Cortese. Since the very beginning, she has been cultivating her own very authentic style of “boho chic.” Natural materials meet an amalgamation of artistic influences, while embroidery and patterns combine to embody the dandyesque elegance of a globe-trotting woman. “I want to create a wardrobe that looks like all the best memories of a world traveler, like the pieces from her attic that remind her of cherished childhood moments, or her wildest parties.”

Arch The

About a broad perspective universal and elemental the aim to provide a lifestyle, not just mere fashion creativity and quality creating value through attention to detail simplicity of design to harmonize with any environment, any person, and any way of life... our philosophy


Billy Reid

Blanca Monrós Gómez



Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs bag collections featuring the perfect match between the ancient art of leather processing and the passion for details, between his amazing creativity and the painstaking care of artisan processes.
Since he was a child, he has been influenced by the creativity of his father, who was a sculptor. He immediately showed a great manual ability, which, together with his aesthetic taste and his down-to-earth attitude, brought him to design his early creations.
During his adolescence, he designed the first bag models, almost for fun, using saddlery leather and studs and selling them to his schoolmates. In 2000 he created the brand Campomaggi: a collection of artisan bags, unique items with a worn look. Bags which do not follow a seasonal trend, increasing their value with the passing of time.

Carmen Molina

Born in Bogotá and based in Los Angeles, Carmen Molina studied photography in New York at the School of Visual Arts. Her artistic expression has grown from a love of textures, color and light and an innate desire to explore the world. These interests have exposed her to a diversity of cultures, landscapes and ethnicities. Each has contributed to the creation of her art and most recently, the silk line.

Carmen Molina’s prints derive from her photographs, documenting the passage of time, in places that are raw and wild. Although the work originates from her representational photography, a process of deconstruction and layering turns it into abstract art.

The work, originally on paper, found its ultimate expression on silk cut to the female form. The pieces are the result of the ancient raw material intertwined with the state of the art. From the process of the silkworm producing a thread from eating mulberry trees, to the textures digitally photographed and altered by Molina, the artist and the silkworm are inextricably bound.

Molina sees herself as a small part in the silk chain that includes the mulberry tree, the silkworm, the silk weavers, the ancient Chinese wife of the Emperor who recognized it as a thread to luxuriate in and the merchants that have been making it accessible to everyone around the globe.

Carrie Forbes

Carrie’s aim is to offer a curated collection of hand-woven mediums that stand apart from the machine made products in the industry. She find’s that her luxury clients appreciate and easily differentiate her hand made collectibles from the fast fashion machine made approach. Her inspiration is drawn from all hand skills in Morocco, a gold mine of artisanal skills, which she will continue to incorporate in her collections. Her core belief system and process will continue in her offerings of hand made and hand woven items; the soulful art of hand craftsmanship.

Each design is produced by female artisans of Morocco. The production process provides an environment of social responsibility, which enables them to provide a livelihood for themselves and their families. 


Colovos is the authentic collective vision of longtime husband and wife collaborators Michael and Nicole Colovos.
Colovos offers a curated selection of exquisitely constructed clothing for the modern woman made in Italy and the USA. The aesthetic is a seamless blend of clean, architectural lines, beautiful fabrics and thoughtfully considered details. Colovos blends traditional tailoring/craftsmanship with modern minimal shapes to create a new take on an everyday wardrobe.


Jewelry that evokes echoed moons, nacreous clouds, and tiered raindrops. Cyril Studio is informed by the everyday sublime.

Drawing inspiration from optical phenomena and museum aesthetics, the collection pairs lucent gemstones with minimal forms that contain their magic. The result is refined, sculptural jewelry that bends and emits light.

Cyril was founded by Leila Du Mond in 2017. The collection is designed and crafted in-house using precious metals and drops of light.

Leila Du Mond is an award-winning artist and designer. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Faliero Sarti


Forte Forte

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